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Please check before you come to us.

  • Restart your computer: Sometimes a simple restart can solve a lot of issues with your computer.
  • Check cables and connections: Make sure all cables are properly plugged in, and there are no loose connections.
  • Run a virus scan: Use your antivirus software to run a full system scan to detect and remove any viruses or malware that may be causing issues.
  • Take note of any error messages or symptoms: Jot down any error messages or symptoms you have been experiencing, as this will help the technician diagnose the issue more effectively.
  • Determine your budget: Set a budget for the repair and communicate it clearly with the technician.
  • Check for software updates: Ensure that your operating system and software applications are up-to-date as outdated software can cause various issues.
  • Back up your important data: If you suspect that your computer may have a serious problem, make sure to back up all of your important data before bringing it to the technician.


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Our Computer Repair Services

We offer below services for last 17 Years.


MacBook Repair

iMac Repair
iMac Repair
Laptop Repair
iPad Repair
iPad Repair
LCD Screen Repair
Tablet Repair
Battery Replacement
iPhone Repair
Motherboard Repair
Water Damage
Software Diagnosis
Desktop Repair
PC Upgrade
PC Assembling
Data Recovery
Data Recovery


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we provide Free pickup & Delivery. Message +65 93433787

Your PC, MacBook, or laptop is picked up, repaired in our store, and then delivered back to you as soon as we can.

Absolutely, we offer free technical support for phones, computers, laptops, and MacBooks.

Repairs can take up to 60 – 90 minutes for simple problems. Whereas more complicated MacBook / Laptop repairs call for a collection from your location and delivery straight to our Kembangan office.

You can ask your issues and troubles by Whatapp : +65 93433787

Yes, we do, and you must message us to confirm your reservation before coming to the location. +65 93433787

Let our team have a look at your MacBook and we can give you advice on what to do next based on the remaining time left on your warranty, the potential problems, and the severity of the problems. Please give us a call so we can provide you better advice.

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If you are unable to find the information you are looking, please call +65 93 43 37 87.

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You Have Access to 17 Years of Experience

Reliable Repair Services

Hitech Computer & IT Solutions Repair is an authority on computer repair due to the numerous computers, laptops, and phones we have successfully repaired over the years. All problems involving computer faults might be resolved by us.


Speedy Repair Services

We have fixed a lot of computer troubles, and we always deliver our clients’ PCs on time. We’re happy to say that we never fail to fulfill deadlines for repairing PCs, laptops, and phones for returning customers.

Repairs at reasonable prices

We consistently uphold a reasonable price policy. Particularly for our loyal customers, we provide extra discounts on repairs. We are pleased to provide our customers with cost-effective services and address their issues.

Expert and Reputable Technicians

Our specialists have the skills and training necessary to do computer repairs. Prior to being formally hired by us, they underwent extensive training. You may rest easy knowing that your broken computers, laptops, and other electronic gadgets like phones are in capable hands. Don’t worry, we will repair your device.

Honest and Reliable Technicians

The specialists at Hitech Computer IT Solutions Repair are dependable workers that complete repairs with zeal and skill. Also, these technicians have a strong track record and have been with us from the beginning of the company.

Reputation for success

Hitech Computer & IT Solution is a reputed computer repair company in Hougang with a 17  year track record. We have rendered devoted, accountable, and knowledgeable service to a variety of clientele. Several Kembangan clients have also repeatedly returned to us to have their damaged PCs fixed. 


About Hougang - Singapore

A brief description of this amazing location in Singapore
Together with other sizable parks, Hougang is also home to Buangkok Park and Hougang Park. With numerous MRT stations that link it to different areas of Singapore, the town has a good transportation system. The main transportation hub in the region is the Hougang MRT station, which links locals to the rest of the island through the North-East Line and Circle Line. Due to its convenient location and reasonable prices, Hougang is a favorite with families and young professionals. The region has excellent public transit connections to other areas of Singapore and is home to a large number of industries, including several industrial parks and commercial hubs.

Computer Repair Services for Hougang Singapore

For MacBook, Laptop, iMac, iPhone, and computer repair services, we offer pickup and delivery services.

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